JWL基準適合マーク ホイールの品質基準マークについて

JWL (JWL基準適合マークJAPAN LIGHT ALLOY WHEELの略) 「乗用車用軽合金製ディスクホイールの技術基準」 この基準は乗用車(乗用定員11人以上の自動車、二輪自動車及び側車付二輪自動車を除く)用軽合金ホイールに適用されている安全基準です。 この技術基準に定められた試験を製造者自らの責任において行っており、BMDホイール全てJWLのマークが表示されます。

JAPAN LIGHT ALLOY WHEEL (JWL) is the safety standard for light alloy wheels for auto (excluding two-wheeled vehicle, motorcycle with sidecar, and automobile that holds more than 11 passengers). With the manufacture's own responsibility, they conduct the test under the defined technical standards of JWL. All the BMD forged wheels have the JWL mark.



VIA is a registered trademark of the Japan Vehicle Inspection Association (hereafter referred to as JVIA). JVIA conducts the test and registration commissioned by the Japan Light Alloy Automotive Wheel Testing Council. The VIA mark is given to the product which passed the test, and it clearly specifies the quality standards. All the BMD 18 inch wheels have VIA mark.

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